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Adaptors for Hanging DVD below
LC100 & LC200 Mounts

Mounting accessory to allow DVD players to hang below LC100 or LC200 wall or ceiling mounts. Fits DVD players or other equipment from 15" to 20" Wide and up to 1-3/4" Tall (LCAPDVD2). 3-1/4" Tall (LCAPDVD3) or 4" Tall (LCAPDVD4).

Allows for new flat screen installations to have the DVD player or other equipment mounted directly below the screen.

Adjustable hole pattern to allow the placement of the equipment below the flat screen in the best possible location. Arms clamp the DVD in place.

LCAPDVD Data Sheet (.pdf file)
LCAPDVD Installation Instructions (.pdf file)
LCAPDVD Pivot and Tilt Restriction (.pdf file)

LCAPDVD2 Front View (Mount Only)

LCAPDVD2 Front View
(with DVD player)

LCAPDVD2 Back View
(with monitor and DVD player)


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